Planting native tree species

For a long time, cattle farming and agricultural activities for subsistence have been the main productive activities in the project area. This native species reforestation project is developing a new agroforestry culture around the potential of high value wood and sustainable forest management. The project area consists of over 1000 ha of native species which have been planted in 2008 and 2013.

How this project improves lives

  • Permanent and temporary jobs for locals have been generated
  • Vocational training and educational schemes are provided
  • Reduction of soil erosion that before the project activity occurred due to animal grazing
  • Reduction of runoff of water, helping to conserve the water supplies
  • Patches of natural forests in the project area are kept as conservation area to support natural ecological succession and biodiversity
  • Site of conservation of highly endangered tree species of the Magnolia family