The Investment Carbon Screener on Bloomberg

Emissions data on your Bloomberg TerminalThe Investment Carbon Screener calculates the carbon footprint of equity investments in the Bloomberg Terminal. With an extensive database compromised of more than 40,000 companies, South Pole Carbon provides you with the most complete information on corporate emissions worldwide.

Simply upload your portfolio into the App and within minutes it provides you with a detailed overview of the carbon footprint of your investments, the report can then easily be downloaded to Microsoft Excel.

Know your portfolio emissions, know your risk

Why use it?

  • Be Informed – Carbon exposure is a risk that can affect financial returns
  • Be Protected – Optimize your investments with targeted transactions
  • Be Sustainable – Help fight climate change with responsible investments
  • Be Different – Offer low-carbon or climate neutral products
  • Be Thorough – Use the most complete and accurate emission data available
The tool employs a methodological approach based on South Pole Carbon’s more extensive Portfolio Carbon Screening services. This consultancy service also entails plausibility checks of self-disclosed company greenhouse gas data and manual qualitative examinations for each screened company.

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Start screen Bloomberg's Carbon App

Emissions data on Bloomberg's Carbon App
The screen shots above show the display of a portfolio carbon report on the Bloomberg Terminal.